Our mission is to promote creativity, art, environmental sustainability, education, and community engagement through the collection and redistribution of traditionally discarded materials. Our organization will provide a home for Richmond’s creative movers and shakers, and a nexus for ideas and community supported projects that address environmental sustainability, education, collaboration, and the arts.


We are currently scouting spaces that will be large enough to include 6 artist studios, a donation intake zone, and a storefront to sell both local art and our trusty variety of recycled materials! Artists interested in leasing affordable studio space–please contact us via stuffreduxrva@gmail.com (SEE LETTER ABOVE FOR DETAILS).

Need Materials for an upcoming project? Looking for inspiration? Keep Stuff Redux in mind! When people and businesses around Richmond have items they can no longer use they bring them to us. We are a space filled with all sorts of materials perfect for your creative endeavor. We have standard office and craft supplies as well as more unique odds and ends.

If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment please contact stuffreduxrva@gmail.com


Stuff Redux hosts workshops and classes for kids and adults that focus on the the creative potential of reuse. Please check our calendar for upcoming events.


Contact us for volunteer opportunities! Donate your excess materials!


Help us raise the funds necessary to keep this project going – Contact us to make a funding donation today.