How to Donate

STUFF REDUX: How and What to Donate

Stuff Redux accepts clean and reusable materials ranging from the practical to the funky. We look for donations that lend themselves to a variety of “reuses” including art projects, home improvement, gardening, educational programming, and others we haven’t dreamed up yet. Please review our guidelines to be sure that your donations meet our requirements:

–       Donations drop offs can be brought directly to Stuff Redux at 1312 Bainbridge St, Richmond, VA 23224. We accept donations Saturdays and Sundays from 11-5 or by appointment. Please contact us at to schedule your drop off.

–       Donation pick ups may be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at for more information.

–       Donations are provisionally approved via email or phone contact. Final approval is given on site and is subject to staff discretion.

–       Please make sure your donations are organized and properly stored for transportation.

We also accept monetary donations!

These funds will go toward helping to keep this project alive! Our monetary donations are accepted through PayPal. If you’d like to make a monetary donation please click the button below.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

We are also a 501c3 non-profit certified organization. So, keep your receipts!

Materials We Love

We are especially interested in materials you can provide in bulk, but welcome individual items as well. All items must be easy and safe to store. If you have something not listed, that’s fine! Just make sure its not on the “stuff we don’t take” list, then contact us to discuss the goodies you have for us.


Unused card stock, rag paper, copy paper, sketch books, rolls, poster board, blue prints, maps

Fabric/ Sewing Materials:

Swatches larger than 10” x10” yardage, zippers, buttons, spools of thread (at least half full and without tangles), yarns, knitting needles, crochet hooks, felt

Art supplies:

Paint brushes, screen printing materials, crayons, canvas, ink, pastels, wax, glitter, feathers, stamps, stamp pads, clay, mat board, foam core, frames, framing supplies, magazines, corks, beads, jewelry supplies, sponges

 Office supplies:

Pencils, pens, staplers, binders, rubber bands, magnets, containers of all kinds, envelopes, stamps


Wire, scrap metal, key chains, bottle caps, ornamental fixtures, keys, door-knobs, shelving, nails, screws

Sterile and Unused Lab Equipment:

Hospital drapes, tubing, marking pens, medicine tops, gauze


Small pieces of nice wood, excess plank flooring, stretcher bars

Architectural and Design Supplies:

Carpet samples, tiles, flooring, wall paper, paint chip samples, factory seconds


CDs, records, books (craft related), magazines (appropriate content only please!)

Materials we don’t accept:

–       Large lumber or oversized building supplies

–       Furniture (Unless it is shelving, check with us on this)

–       Hazardous or toxic materials

–       Aerosol cans

–       Rotten paint, or paint gallons less than ½ full

–       Broken glass or glass without a bounding frame

–       Toiletries, cleaning supplies, or house hold recycling

–       Posters

–       VHS tapes

–       Spray paint

–       Used batteries

–       Bedding

–       Knick knacks

–       Clothing

–       Computers or other technological devices

–       Paperback books or books unrelated to art, craft, or environmental sustainability

We are not a thrift store, recycling center, or building supply center. Any materials that fit into those categories should be donated to those institutions.  We are happy to suggest other places to bring your excess. Goodwill, and Habitat ReSTORE are great possibilities.