CD Scratchboards!



1. old cd’s or dvd’s that are scratched, don’t work, or you just don’t want anymore

2. inexpensive acrylic or house paint

3. toothpicks, pencils, screwdrivers, x-acto knives, etc. or different sizes

How to:

Step 1: paint your cd or dvd. you can paint both sides if you would like, but the bottom of the disc is where you’ll be scratching the paint off.

Step 2: After the paint has dried, scratch designs into the bottom side of the disc to reveal the shiny metallic underneath. **Suggestion: you can use a pencil to lightly draw designs on top of the paint before scratching away.

Step 3 (optional): glue some felt onto the opposite side of the disc so that it doesn’t slide around, and it can be used as an awesome looking coaster!


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